Không đùa chút nào. Sau khi điền địa chỉ email của mình vào phiếu khai đăng ký đến đưa tin buổi diễn thuyết của Obama tại Harrisonburg hôm thứ Ba, liên tiếp trong ba ngày sau đó tôi nhận được thư của Obama.

Bức thư thứ nhất có tựa đề "It's in your hands", gửi vào lúc 11.41PM ngày 29.10:

Cuong Manh --

The next 6 days are going to be the toughest we've seen, and I need your support to reach as many voters as possible.

Donate $5 or more today to strengthen this movement for the final push.

This campaign is in your hands.

Thank you for everything you're doing,


Bức thư thứ hai của Joe Biden, có tựa đề "In case you missed it", gửi lúc 2.11PM ngày 30.10.

Cuong Manh --

Last night, Barack took to the airwaves to make the case for real change. He used the time to tell the stories of ordinary people who need real solutions to their problems.

The presentation reached its finale with Barack addressing the nation live from Florida -- I've included the video of that moment below.

But right now, I need to ask you for help.

We just learned that the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had a $20 million cash advantage on October 15th. That means we can expect to see a fierce blitz of negativity in the final days -- so-called "robocalls," mail pieces, and TV ads filled with smears and false attacks.

We can't let our opponents' low-road tactics prevail. To stand up to this last-minute spending spree, we need to step up our efforts.

Watch Barack's speech and make your first donation of $5 or more before it's too late:

Watch the video and make a donation

The resources we have to get our message out in the next 5 days could make all the difference.

Thanks for your support,


Bức thư thứ ba, của Michelle Obama, có tựa đề "What Barack needs", gửi lúc 7.42 PM ngày 30.10.

Cuong Manh --

I know this campaign has asked a lot of you.

But in the next 5 days, Barack will need you more than ever before.

Together, we can make sure all voters head to the polls and make their voices heard in this election. And we can get Barack's message of change out to millions and millions of Americans in these final hours.

That's why I'm asking you to dig deep and make one final donation to help get us across the finish line.

Take a minute to remember why you joined this movement, then please make a donation of $5 or more today.

I've been blessed over the last 21 months to have been invited into your communities and to hear so many of your personal stories.

Supporters like you have told me about loved ones who can't afford health care, and relatives who've been laid off from jobs they've had for decades. About family members fighting bravely in Iraq, and worries about affording college in a struggling economy.

But what I've heard more than anything else is hope. A shared hope that if we work together, we can change politics and make this country better for all Americans.

I know that we can make it happen -- and we are so very close.

Make a donation of $5 or more and stand with Barack these last few days:


The strength of this campaign has always come from the individual stories and hard work of millions of supporters like you.

Thank you for being part of this movement,


Bức thư thứ tư, của Obama, có tựa đề "Will you join me on Election Night?", gửi lúc 1.41 PM, ngày 31.10.

Cuong Manh --

I want you to be there with me on Election Night when the results come in.

We're planning a big event that will include tens of thousands of supporters in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.

We're saving some of the best seats in the house for 5 people who make their first donation to the campaign before Sunday at midnight.

If you're selected, you can bring a guest, and we'll fly you in and put you up in a hotel for the night. You'll go backstage at the big event and -- no matter what happens -- you'll have a front row seat to history as we celebrate the supporters who got us over the finish line.

Any donation counts -- whatever you can afford. Show your support at this crucial time with a donation of $5 or more, and you could join me on Election Night:


This movement for change has been a testament to the power of ordinary Americans coming together to achieve extraordinary things.

I look forward to having you there on Election Night.

Thank you,


Thú thực là sau khi nhận được 4 bức thư xin tiền này, thiện cảm của tôi đối với Obama có phần giảm sút.Vẫn biết đây là nhóm thư ký của Obama gửi, nhưng tôi thấy không thích tẹo nào.

Bạn nghĩ sao khi một người sắp trở thành tổng thống xin bạn đóng 5 USD hoặc mời bạn mua chỗ ngồi hàng đầu trong đêm đăng quang?


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